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Important Things That You Should Know About A Flame Spray System

flame spray equipment

Flame spray work has always been a common choice when you are willing to apply a thermal spray coating. In this case, it needs to be mentioned that there are several varieties of flame spray systems, including wire flame spray, twin wire arc spray, & powder flame spray. These spraying systems can help you to create a powerful coating that expands the lifespan of multiple machine parts & equipment pieces. Moreover, there are several benefits of this system. Hence, you need to learn what a flame spray system is, how it works, its applications, etc. If you know everything about this spray system, you will understand what it is capable of accomplishing for you.

Things you need to know about the flame spray system

When you apply any technical coating or corrosion protection, the tool which is used frequently is a frame spray system. It is a procedure to apply corrosion coatings on structural and architectural steel like balconies, fences, and gates. In addition, corrosion coating can be applied to marine coatings on ships, wind turbines, monopiles, and offshore oil platforms.

The two elements of spray materials are Zinc, aluminum, or alloys of both. You can use flame spraying frequently to give decorative coatings of bronze, copper, and other types of metals.

flame spray system

How does a flame spray system work?

You will see an oxygen/fuel flame when the gases get combined and  forced through a nozzle and ignited to produce a high-intensity flame.  Wire or powder that can melt the metal or ceramic supplies the flame. Then, compressed air atomizes the molten metal or softened ceramic, and then projected onto the sprayed object.

Grit blasting is used to make the surface rougher as the coating mechanically adheres to the sprayed surface. Usually, the  thickness of the coating layer increases from at least 50 microns to several millimeters. Hence, you should know that corrosion coatings are never thicker than 500 microns.

While arc & wire flame spray can be contrasted, these methods are employed in different processes. Usually, the price of flame spray is less than the arc. However, the operating cost is higher due to the high price of gas/oxygen.

So, it could be said that flame spray is ideal for smaller or less regular operations.

What benefits can you get from flame spray systems?

A flame spray system has many advantages, including–

  • Cost-effective method
  • simple-to-use systems that are easy to port 
  • Various coating types is possible
  • Lower dust in the manufacturing units

End note

A flame spray system is an effective solution that offers several advantages, this is why the system is called the ideal thermal spray remedy. Industrial Metal Components (IMC), one of the top producers of thermal spray systems in India, can assist you to choose the best solution for comprehending your application. They are manufacturing international standard thermal spray systems. IMC has a worldwide distribution system for their products.