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Industrial Metal Components: Revolutionizing Thermal Spray Processes

industrial metal components

Thermal Spray Machine is also known as Metal Spray, Metallizing or most popularly known as Zinc Spray. Thermal spraying can be described as a technology that helps in restoring or improve the exterior of a solid material. The process is utilized for applying coatings to a variety of components and materials for providing resistance to erosion, wear, corrosion, cavitation, and heat. Thermal spray machines are used in almost all kinds of industries such as aviation, building and construction, automobile, electronic and electrical, military and defense, marine and shipbuilding, oil and gas, power generation, and many more. If you want to get high-quality thermal spray machines, then relying on Industrial Metal Components or IMC would be the best decision. IMC or Industrial Metal Components is a leading manufacturer of Thermal Spray machines in India.

The different types of Thermal Spray Machines or Systems

Industrial Metal Components manufactures three types of thermal spray machines or systems and the following is a brief depiction of the same:

  • Wire Flame Spray System:

In this system, the coating material is melted in an Oxy-fuel gas flame in the form of a single cord, wire, or powder, and the liquid material gets atomized by using compressed air. This process helps to create a specially made substrate that is capable of forming a strongly adherent and dense coating. This entire process of flame spray is known as the “cold process” since the temperature of the substratum can be kept low during this process to eliminate metallurgical changes, damage, and distortion to the material. There are different types of this Wire Flame Spray System such as IMC – 87, IMC – 88, IMC – 89, and 5KM.

  • Twin Wire Arc Spray System:

In this Arc spray process, by using electric arc pair of electrically conductive wires are liquefied. Then the liquefied material is atomized with the help of compressed air and driven toward the surface of the substrate. The affected, liquid particles get solidified rapidly to form a strong coating. Usually, these electric arc spray coatings are stronger and denser than other equivalent spray coatings. It is an ideal tool to spray large areas and higher production rates because of its high spray rates, low running costs, and efficiency. Types of Twin Wire Arc Spray Systems include IMC -95, IMC – 96, and IMC – 98.

  • Powder Flame Spray System:

This combustion powder technique is the same as the process of combustion wire. But it has the unique benefit of using powder materials as the feed stock of coating, which lets the users avail a wide range of coating options. Furthermore, the powder material used in the process allows manipulation of the spray gun with a greater degree of freedom. The two types of Powder Flame Spray Systems include 5P – II and 6P – II.

Thermal barrier coating, commonly known as the thermal coating is frequently used in protecting expensive, delicate, and vigorously used metal components such as metal components of automotive parts and parts of ships. Again, hot chamber components in the land- and aero-based turbines such as combustion chambers, blades, and vanes remain in a good state for several years with thermal coating. Besides, damaged surfaces of metal parts or metal products that have the chance of rusting can be protected well with this thermal coating process.

End Note

The quality of the thermal spraying system can make a difference in the quality of the thermal coating. If you want to get the same products as discussed above, you must contact IMC or Industrial Metal Components. They are one of the most trusted manufacturers who deliver quality Thermal Spray Machines to their huge clientele. You can visit their official website for a better idea.