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Procure the Best Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in Jodhpur

sand blasting machine

Shot blasting is an engineering process where a stream of abrasive materials is forcibly propelled against a surface to get a smooth and clear surface. A shot blasting machine creates high pressure that could be manually or mechanically controlled to drive impurities out of the surface of the targeted newly manufactured product. The shot blasting machine manufacturers in Jodhpur are known for their high-quality shot blasting units having the best and most sustainable performance. Manufacturers from different industries depend a lot on the shot blasting machine supplied from Jodhpur. The manufacturers use different terms to define shot blasting such as shot peening, abrasive blasting, grit blasting, and media blasting.

What is a shot blasting machine?

A shot blasting machine is an enclosed or compact design that follows a mechanical way of thrusting abrasive to remove surface impurities with an aim to clear the surface from all kinds of impurities before the product is supplied to the client. Mostly steel-finished industrial items required such a shot blasting process. As such the process serves three purposes –

  • It cleans and descales the surface for further processing on the surface.
  • It can add texture to augment paint adhesion.
  • It enhances the outer surface coating life.

Two types of technologies are normally used in shot blasting machines. The shot blasting machine manufacturers in Jodhpur can supply both types of machines.

  • Wheel blasting

This is an airless blasting process where a wheel is used to create centrifugal force to forcefully drive the abrasive against the parts. It is a high-velocity and efficient blasting process that can finish the job fast. It saves time and enhances the accuracy of the job.

  • Air blasting

Air blasting is a traditional shot blasting process. It can peel or polish the targeted metal surface. The machine is also known as an air canon. It uses a pressure vessel mechanism or triggering mechanism.

When you order a shot blasting machine from IMC, they will provide complete information on all technical aspects of the machines. The expert demonstrator can also show you how to use the machines efficiently.

Know the difference between shot blasting and sandblasting

In this industry, you will hear two terms frequently shot blasting and sandblasting. The two surface cleaning processes are almost the same with a minute difference in the process. The shot blasting machine manufacturers in Jaipur can better explain the matter. In the shot blasting abrasive shots are mainly made of aluminum oxide or carbon grit is used whereas in the sand blasting process gentler abrasive shots are mainly used such as glass and organic compounds.

While the shot blasting process may remain the same, you may need machines of different capacities and structural designs depending on your purposes. You need a complete inspection of the machine model and system before taking any final decision. In this matter, IMC can help you professionally. They are one of the renowned shot blasting machine manufacturers in Jaipur manufacturing all kinds of shot blasting machines.