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thermal spray system

Thermal spraying is considered a usual introduction to coatings which is utilized for thermal barrier coatings, and engineering applications. Wear coatings etc. in this present era, coatings of thermal spray are highly used in multiple industries. These coatings are generally consisted of molten powder and wire which are exposed to oxy-fuel or plasma combustion. A thermal spray system or thermal spraying refers to a technology that is extremely beneficial for improving or restoring the exterior of a solid material. This process is applied as a coating to a wide array of components as well as material for providing resistance to erosion, wear, corrosion, cavitation, heat, or abrasion. Apart from this, it is also get utilized for providing lubricity, insulation or electrical conductivity, sacrificial wear, low or high friction, chemical resistance, and many more. This process is accepted across several industries as it helps in extending the life of new elements or repairing damaged elements.

What are the types of thermal spray systems?

The three most common types of thermal spray system are briefly described below:

  • Wire Flame Spray System: This process if carried out accurately is called a “cold process”. This is because the substrate temperature can be held on too low during this process for avoiding metallurgical changes, damage, and distortion to the substrate material. The material of the coating is get melted in the form of a single cord, wire, or powder in a gas flame of Oxy-fuel and atomization is done with the help of compressed air. The material of the coating gets liquified in the form of a single cord, wire, or powder in a flame of Oxy-fuel gas. After that, atomization of the liquified material is done through compressed air and accelerated on the way to prepare substrate specifically for forming a strong and dense adherent coating. Furthermore, in the process of the combustion wire system, the metal wire is given concentrically into the flame and gets liquified and atomized through the compressed air. Next, the molten droplets are moved toward the surface and bond together, and get solidified for forming a coating. The best part is, you can control the feed rate of the wire via the flame, along with controlling multiple melting points and metal atomization.
  • Twin Wire Arc Spray System: In this system, a pair of electricity potential wires is liquified with the help of an electric arc. Then after atomization, it was moved toward the surface and the molten material gets solidified for creating a coating. Generally, the coatings of electric arc spray are much stronger and denser than the similar coatings of combustion spray. It is ideal for coating large areas due to its high spray efficiency and rates, and low costs. This system is usually provided with an electrical or air motor.
  • Powder Flame Spray System: The process of combustion spray is identical to the process of combustion wire. But it has the extra benefit of utilizing powder materials as the coating stock, which is great for allowing a much wider array of options for coating materials. Apart from that, the utilization of powder helps in getting freedom for manipulation of the spray gun. It is limited by those materials which have higher liquifying temperatures in comparison to the flame.

End Note

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