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Everything You Need To Know About Arc Spray Gun And Arc Spray Coating

arc spray coating

A twin arc spray gun is a procedure that takes the help of an electric arc for melting the wires. After that, the molten metal is atomized with compressed air for creating a spray stream that can apply the coating onto the surface. Whereas twin arc spray coating is an automated system and it is used in terms of depositing a high-performing thermal coating into those parts that remain at high risk of corrosion as well as erosion.

Why should you use twin arc spray guns?

  • Using these arc spray guns, you will be able to apply anti-corrosion coatings on diverse metal surfaces. Manufacturers in different industries like automotive and shipbuilding always use this useful tool for developing anti-corrosion coatings.
  • These guns are automated and easy to operate as well. Users don’t need any special training for using these tools.
  • During the arc spray coating process, metal is used in wire form material. And the arc spray gun can be used to spray onto the prepared work piece using compressed air or gas jets.

Everything you need to about the arc spray coating process

The arc sprays use electric arcs to melt wires and you can get these as pull/push or push systems. Compared to the pull/push gun, the push system is easier to use. And the job of this system is to push the wire and this one can be used for engineering applications that use hard engineering wires. On the contrary, pull or push systems are used when a long distance to the machine from the arc spray gun is needed. If a comparison is done between the flame spray and arc Spray process, it can be said the capital cost of the arc spray coating process is higher than the other one. However, the running prices are lower.

The effectiveness of arc spray coating

The arc spray coating procedure is not only cost-effective but also it is an excellent way for applying metallic coatings to several applications. Moreover, compared to other thermal spray processes, this one is considered one of the most versatile procedures that can be used to get corrosion-protecting coatings. Additionally, through this process, engineering coatings can be achieved that can be used for re-building as well as changing the surface properties of the spray objects.

Arc spray coating which is a type of thermal coating system has multifarious advantages to the manufacturers –

  • It helps to create an anti-corrosion coating on the metal surface of metal parts and components or machinery parts.
  • It helps to form a thick coating over the metal surface quickly.
  • It protects the metal parts from adverse weather conditions.
  • It prolongs the lifespan of the metal parts and machine parts by reducing the frictional forces.
  • It is a cost-effective process of forming a thick protective coating on the metal surface.

End note

The arc spray coating helps to prolong the lifetime of engine parts as well as automobiles and lessen maintenance, and replacement. Industrial Metal Components, one of the most reliable and leading companies, produces high-quality arc spray guns that are easy to operate and maintain.