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IMC Jodhpur Manufactures Thermal Spray Systems

IMC Jodhpur

IMC or Industrial Metal components are one of the most trusted and largest manufacturers of Thermal Spray Machines or Systems in India. They possess more than 20 years of experience in this field and expanding their business in others states as well, and IMC Jodhpur is one of them. IMC located in Jodhpur is the manufacturing unit where they develop this thermal spraying technology with the best efficiency and at a reasonable price. Thermal spraying can be defined in simplest terms as the introduction of coatings utilized for wear coatings, engineering applications, thermal barrier coatings, etc.

What do you understand by Thermal Spraying?

Thermal Spray is a technology that is developed to improve or restore the external part of a solid material. This process can be utilized for applying coatings to a large number of components as well as materials for providing resistance against erosion, wear and tear, abrasion and heat, corrosion, etc. Moreover, this process is also beneficial for providing lubricity, electrical conductivity, electrical insulation, sacrificial wear, high or low friction, chemical resistance, and different other surface properties. This method is rapidly gaining popularity and adopted by many industries as it is capable of extending the life of new components or repairing and re-engineering damaged or worn components. The thermal spraying needs thermal spraying guns. There are different thermal spraying processes. IMC Jodhpur manufactures all kinds of common thermal spraying guns.

Each method of thermal spraying includes the projection of molten particles onto a prepared and clean surface where they can form a consistent coating. The combination of kinetic and thermal energy helps the particles to get splat or flattened on the required surface, and onto one another, to create a coherent coating of consecutive layers. The basics of this process are briefly discussed below:

  • Metallurgically cold process
  • Primarily a process of mechanical bonding
  • Virtually there is no input of heat to the substrate
  • It is capable of spraying different materials such as stainless steel, steel, copper, molybdenum, bronzes, tungsten carbides, ceramics, etc.
  • It can also be applied to different thicknesses, usually 100 – 750 microns but can also be more.

Common applications of thermal spraying processes

Some of the common applications of thermal spraying include a vast array of moving and rotating parts from different kinds of machines like ships, road and rail vehicles, pumps, valves, aircraft, paper-making machines, electric motors, food machinery, chemical plant, machinery related to mining and quarrying, machine tools, earthmovers, aerospace turbine repair and more.

Furthermore, thermal spray coatings are utilized on a wide range of components that can operate in adverse environments, where the life of the components gets reduced due to wear, corrosion, abrasion, and heat. The life of the components gets extended significantly with the use of arc, flame, powder, or HVOF systems for applying ceramics, metals, and carbides.

However, IMC Jodhpur is the manufacturing unit of IMC that delivers quality thermal spray machinery to its huge clientele all around the world. You can also obtain all the necessary technical details about the applications of these spray machinery units. IMC is the market leader in this genre. Their products are supplied pa India and many other countries in Asia, Africa Europe, and America.

End Note

Are you searching for top-quality thermal spray machines as per your requirement? Then IMC Jodhpur is the one that can deliver efficient machines for thermal spraying at an affordable rate. At present, they manufacture wire flame spray systems, twin wire arc spray systems, and powder flame spray systems. These systems are different and their applications are different. For more details, you can visit the official website of IMC.