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Industrial Metal Components

Industrial Metal Components Jodhpur

Thermal spray coating has multiple advantages for several manufacturing sectors such as automotive, electrical gazettes, ship, and airplane manufacturers. The process is also frequently used in heavy engineering and power sectors for complex types of machinery. The thermal coating enhances the longevity of the products. IMC or Industrial metal components Jodhpur is one of the leading manufacturers which produce industrial metals. What is the thermal spraying process? Thermal spraying is… Read More »Industrial Metal Components Jodhpur

IMC Jodhpur

IMC Jodhpur Manufactures Thermal Spray Systems

IMC or Industrial Metal components are one of the most trusted and largest manufacturers of Thermal Spray Machines or Systems in India. They possess more than 20 years of experience in this field and expanding their business in others states as well, and IMC Jodhpur is one of them. IMC located in Jodhpur is the manufacturing unit where they develop this thermal spraying technology with the best efficiency and at a reasonable… Read More »IMC Jodhpur Manufactures Thermal Spray Systems

industrial metal components

Industrial Metal Components: Revolutionizing Thermal Spray Processes

Thermal Spray Machine is also known as Metal Spray, Metallizing or most popularly known as Zinc Spray. Thermal spraying can be described as a technology that helps in restoring or improve the exterior of a solid material. The process is utilized for applying coatings to a variety of components and materials for providing resistance to erosion, wear, corrosion, cavitation, and heat. Thermal spray machines are used in almost all kinds… Read More »Industrial Metal Components: Revolutionizing Thermal Spray Processes

flame spray system

Everything you need to know about a flame spray system!

One common choice you have when you need to apply a thermal spray coating is a flame spray. There are several flame spray systems available in the market such as wire flame spray, twin wire arc spray, and powder flame spray. Basically, all these spraying systems are meant for developing a strong and homogeneous coating that prolongs the life of many types of machine parts and equipment pieces. As we… Read More »Everything you need to know about a flame spray system!