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HVOF Spray Process: Protects Metal Surfaces and Enhances Sustainability 

HVOF Spray Process

HVOF Spray Process stands for High Velocity Oxygen Fuel spray process which is an extremely useful process for producing high-quality coatings. This process is quite similar to the combustion powder spray process or LVOF. This process works amazingly by mixing oxygen and liquid fuel, which is put into a combustion chamber and then heated at a high temperature along with high pressure. The resultant gas is discharged with the use of a nozzle at an expeditious speed. Within the high-velocity gas stream, the powdered material is injected and sprayed on the substrate to be coated.

One of the best parts is the spray coating applied on the surface of the substrate is highly dense and hard which protects the surface from corrosion, wear, and tear. However, you must apply HVOF Spray Process with high-quality HVOF guns and expert knowledge from trusted manufacturers.

Methods of HVOF Spray Process

Leading manufacturers like IMC or Industrial Metal Component produce different top-quality HVOF guns that are used for different methods for achieving the process of high-velocity spraying. One of the common and used methods includes using a water-cooled, high-pressure combustion chamber of HVOF along with a long nozzle. Oxygen and fluid fuels like acetylene, kerosene, hydrogen, and propylene are put into the combustion gas chamber to produce a high-pressure, hot flame which is ejected through a nozzle for increasing the velocity. The powder material is injected axially within the combustion chamber with high pressure or through the side of the nozzle (Laval type) where there is pressure is low. 

Another method utilizes a much simpler system which includes an air cap and combustion nozzle (high pressure). Fuel and oxygen are similarly supplied forcefully in this method as well but the combustion occurs within the air cap with compressed air but outside the nozzle. The compressed air acts as a coolant for the HVOF gun. The powder is injected axially at high pressure from the nozzle’s center.

What are the advantages of the HVOF Spray Process?

Following is a brief depiction of the major benefits of the HVOF Spray Process:

  • Enhanced particle impact velocity leads to the lowest possible porosity.
  • Extremely effective for high-quality coatings against corrosion and adverse weather conditions.
  • Higher bond strength to the substrate along with enhanced cohesive strength inside the coating.
  • In comparison, the process of coating HVOF requires a lower temperature of application.
  • Residual stresses are much lower than the other similar processes.
  • Higher resistance power against any external impact.
  • Greater capability to provide much thicker coatings with uniformity.
  • Lesser chances of peeling and chipping in the long run.
  • Uniform coating with maximum perfection.

Hopefully, the above discussion would be beneficial for those who want to utilize this HVOF Spray Process for fulfilling their purposes. But, for professional guidance and quality HVOF guns, IMC or Industrial Metal Components should be your final destination. They are one of the leading manufacturers of Thermal Spray Machines in India that can serve your purpose the best.