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IMC Metallizing

sand blasting machine

Sand Blasting Machine at IMC Metallizing

About Sand Blasting Sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting is the forced propulsion of a stream of abrasive material against a high-pressure surface. This is done to smoothen a rough surface or roughen a smooth surface. You can also change the shape of a surface or remove surface contaminants using the Sand Blasting method. How does Sand Blasting work? In the Sand Blasting procedure, a pressurized fluid of compressed air… Read More »Sand Blasting Machine at IMC Metallizing

HVOF Spray Process

HVOF Spray Process: Protects Metal Surfaces and Enhances Sustainability 

HVOF Spray Process stands for High Velocity Oxygen Fuel spray process which is an extremely useful process for producing high-quality coatings. This process is quite similar to the combustion powder spray process or LVOF. This process works amazingly by mixing oxygen and liquid fuel, which is put into a combustion chamber and then heated at a high temperature along with high pressure. The resultant gas is discharged with the use of… Read More »HVOF Spray Process: Protects Metal Surfaces and Enhances Sustainability 

thermal spray coating

Know about the Advantages of Thermal Spray Coatings

Thermal spray is a widely used industrial coating process. Do you know its various uses and why it is advantageous? Thermal spray coating is referred to as an industrial coating process that is used for heating or melting ceramic or metallic materials and applied on the surface of a product.  Historical evidence shows its applications in various industries. This coating process can protect a large variety of surfaces. Since it… Read More »Know about the Advantages of Thermal Spray Coatings

arc spray coating

Everything You Need To Know About Arc Spray Gun And Arc Spray Coating

A twin arc spray gun is a procedure that takes the help of an electric arc for melting the wires. After that, the molten metal is atomized with compressed air for creating a spray stream that can apply the coating onto the surface. Whereas twin arc spray coating is an automated system and it is used in terms of depositing a high-performing thermal coating into those parts that remain at… Read More »Everything You Need To Know About Arc Spray Gun And Arc Spray Coating

Industrial Metal Components

Industrial Metal Components Jodhpur

Thermal spray coating has multiple advantages for several manufacturing sectors such as automotive, electrical gazettes, ship, and airplane manufacturers. The process is also frequently used in heavy engineering and power sectors for complex types of machinery. The thermal coating enhances the longevity of the products. IMC or Industrial metal components Jodhpur is one of the leading manufacturers which produce industrial metals. What is the thermal spraying process? Thermal spraying is… Read More »Industrial Metal Components Jodhpur